In Polestar call the countries that are the first to receive a new sports car

In Polestar call the countries that are the first to receive a new sports car

December 15, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

At the first stage, the hybrid coupe Polestar 1 will appear only in six markets.

The first novelty will be residents of the United States, Germany, China, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Polestar-centers will also appear in these countries where you can see the “living” coupe Polestar 1. Full orders (apparently, with prices and full characteristics) will begin to take in 2018, the delivery of cars will start in 2019. Later the list of markets is planned to expand.

Recall that the former court tuning studio Volvo will become an independent automaker, it was announced this summer. In October, debuted the first model of the brand – the hybrid coupé Polestar 1. The coupé is built on the modernized Volvo SPA platform. The model will be equipped with an installation consisting of a petrol four-cylinder turbo engine 2.0 that drives the front wheels and two electric motors rotating the rear axle. The total output is 600 hp, only on the electric power Polestar 1 will travel about 150 km.

The coupé will be manufactured at a new production site, which is being built at the Volvo plant in China in Chengdu, where today the crossovers of the HS60 and the “stretched” S60L and S90L sedans are assembled. The production center Polestar is promised to be built by the middle of 2018, and the compartment will be put on the conveyor in 2019. According to preliminary data, the output of the sports car is only 500 copies a year.

All other models of the new brand will be fully electric. By the end of 2019, the mid-size Polestar 2 car should be sent to the series, its main competitor in the company is Tesla Model 3. Later, the Polestar 3 crossover will debut. All models plan to offer a paid subscription scheme for a period of two or three years: the order is made online, then customers will be able to change the car within the model line Polestar and Volvo.