In Pirelli believe that the problem of rubber bubbling solved

In Pirelli believe that the problem of rubber bubbling solved

January 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Pirelli are confident that the changes made to the tire in preparation for the new season, will in 2019 solve the problem of rubber bubbling.

Last year, Italian tire makers brought in three stages – to Spain, France and the UK – rubber with a thinner treadmill. On this experimental step in Pirelli went after some teams even during the pre-season tests in Barcelona faced the manifestations of bubbling.

But now in all races of the championship such tires will be used. On the tests in Abu Dhabi after the final race of the season, the teams already got acquainted with all the rubber compounds to be used in 2019, although due to the configuration features of the track in Yas Marina, the load on the rubber is less there than, for example, at Silverstone.

“Under certain conditions, in Yas Marina, the difference between last year’s tires and new tires is hiding to some degree,” – commented Mario Isola, head of the auto racing division of Pirelli. – I think, on other routes, the teams will more clearly feel these differences.

If we talk only about reducing the thickness of the treadmill, then this is just one of the new features of the new tires. In Barcelona, ​​on Paul-Ricard and at Silverstone, this made it possible to significantly reduce bubbling.

In particular, at Silverstone on tire tests, we compared the usual rubber with the one whose treadmill was thinner. And if the “normal” tires bubbled, then the new one behaved much better.

I believe that we received confirmation of the differences of this version – probably on those tracks where the level of load on the tires is higher, the difference will be stronger. But there are no revolutionary tire changes when compared with last year’s version. Changes are not as significant as in 2017 ”.