In Pirelli are ready to decide on tires for the 2020th

In Pirelli are ready to decide on tires for the 2020th

October 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The next season will be the last before the transition of Formula 1 to tires on 18-inch wheels. Yesterday and the day before yesterday in Pirelli with the help of three teams conducted previously unplanned additional tire tests for the 2020th, to finally determine their specification.

According to calculations, in the next season, tires should withstand a large distance and be less sensitive to thermal degradation of the treadmill, allowing riders to actively attack. The head of the Pirelli motorsport division, Mario Isola, said that according to the test results, the company is ready to decide on the choice of tires for 2020.

Mario Isola: “We spent several busy days in Barcelona, ​​alternately testing the new 2020 tires for Formula 1 and Formula 2.

The purpose of the tests for Formula 1 was to finally determine the specification of tires on 13-inch wheels, taking into account the new requirements agreed with the teams.

For two days we drove a long distance with the cars of three teams, collecting the necessary information. According to the test results, we are ready to determine the tires for 2020. ”