In Peugeot 5008 equipment added electric bike

In Peugeot 5008 equipment added electric bike

June 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The British division of Peugeot introduced an unusual option for the crossover 5008. For a surcharge, you can buy a folding electric bike, which is placed in the trunk of the SUV.

Electric bike Peugeot eF01 is designed for people who can not park for work closer than a mile and a half. A survey conducted by the company among 10,000 people showed that about 36 percent of respondents experience a similar problem. This is especially true for residents of London, where half of all drivers have serious difficulties with finding a suitable parking space.

The bicycle has an aluminum frame. It weighs 18.6 kilograms and can travel on one charge about 30-40 kilometers. The maximum speed is 20 kilometers per hour.

In the trunk of the crossover 5008, you can install a mobile charging station that will charge the bicycle batteries in 60 minutes.

The novelty is still available only in the UK. The electric bicycle costs 1799 pounds sterling