In Paris, establish a “noise radar” to combat loud transport

In Paris, establish a “noise radar” to combat loud transport

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The roar of the motor is the pride of many owners of sports cars and “charged” motorcycles. But such side effects of their ride are not to everyone’s liking: in Paris, testing began on a system of original devices that will identify violators whose transport produces a high level of “sound pollution”.

On the streets of one of the southern suburbs of Paris, “noise radars” appeared, which use a microphone system in combination with a camera. Having determined the noise source through triangulation, the device automatically produces a video recording of its license plate. In the future, a network of such detectors will be able to automatically generate penal receipts without involving police officers.

“Noise is the curse of modern life and a serious threat to health. It harms people like secondhand smoke. “We have nothing against Ferrari or Harley-Davidson vehicles, but their owners sometimes like to demonstrate the power of their cars, and this noise bothers the residents,” said Mayor Villeneuve-le-Roi Didier Gonzales.

Dozens of such devices have already been installed in the capital of France and in the immediate vicinity: about 40 radars operate at popular bars and entertainment areas, and 17 more at large construction sites. Another is set in Saint Forge, a hilly area attracting motorcyclists.

So far, such a system works in test mode and does not fine violators, but the city administration intends to activate the system as soon as the relevant law is passed. The government plans to introduce a two-year test period to test the technology and determine the acceptable noise level on city streets.