In Mexico, found a truck with the bodies of 12 people

In Mexico, found a truck with the bodies of 12 people

May 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In southwestern Mexico, the bodies of 12 people with gunshot wounds were found in a pickup truck.

In the truck, which stood on the highway connecting the states of Michoacan and Guerrero, there was also a note with a menacing warning. It is reported by

“In coordination with the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard of Mexico, we intensified operational actions in the municipality of Uetamo after the discovery of 12 bodies on the road in the direction of Terrero Prieto,” the publication quoted the statement of the Ministry of Public Security of Michoacan.

According to media reports, along with the unidentified bodies of the shot people in the back of a pickup truck, there was also a warning written on a piece of cardboard about the war waged by criminal groups outside the territory of the “Hot Land”.

So the locals call the arid region, which brings together parts of the states of Mexico City, Guerrero and Michoacan. It is noted that the production of Mexican opium poppy is concentrated in this area, as well as the transportation of other drugs.