In Mercedes, conducted an imitation race

In Mercedes, conducted an imitation race

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the sixth day of the winter tests at Mercedes, they again divided the program – in the morning, Valtteri Bottas sat behind the wheel, and in the afternoon Lewis Hamilton replaced him – the riders worked with the settings and simulated the race.

Valtteri Bottas (8th): “Positive day. In the morning I drove 74 laps, concentrating on working with the settings – we have made good progress. The team will have to study a lot of the information collected and adjust the balance in order to work optimally on the track tomorrow. Today we have learned a lot, and should do the same tomorrow. ”

Lewis Hamilton (9th): “Today we drove a lot of laps, which is good, but the team faced with a few obstacles that had to be overcome. We have done everything to understand the causes of the difficulties that have arisen – for this we need tests.

The whole team works with maximum efficiency, and I am sure that we will achieve our goal. We need days like today to shed light on the things we work on. ”

James Ellison, Technical Director: “In the morning with Valtteri, we worked with the settings, then we continued this program with Lewis. In the afternoon, we had a race simulation that was overshadowed by pelletizing the front tires. We have to think about what led to this, but judging by what we have seen with other teams, this situation may become permanent this year. In the coming days, we must make progress in finding a solution to the problem of rubber granulation, so that it does not become an obstacle at the beginning of the season. ”