In Los Angeles by 2050 only electric cars will remain

In Los Angeles by 2050 only electric cars will remain

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The city authorities said they intend to leave only electric models on the roads of Los Angeles by 2050. An ambitious plan was proposed by Mayor Eric Garsetti.

It is expected that by 2023 about 25% of cars will be replaced by electric cars on the roads of Los Angeles. By 2035, they will be about 80%, and by 2050 – 100%. Already by 2028 all school buses and taxis in Los Angeles will switch to electricity, and by 2034 the rest of the city’s public transport will be electric.

In addition, Eric Garsetti intends to reduce the amount of time that locals spend daily on the road: from the current 24 km per day to 20.9 km by 2025 and 14.4 km by 2035. It is assumed that this goal will be achieved by expanding the network of urban transport. Drivers will pay for entry by car to certain areas of the city, which will also contribute to the growing popularity of public transport.

Changes affect not only cars. By 2035, all new buildings in Los Angeles will be “CO2-free”, and by 2050 the rest of the housing stock should be just as green.

“Los Angeles should be a leader in this fight, but the whole world should act. This plan gives us a chance. We hope that this is a kind of “green plan” that can be used for any other city in the world, ”said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garsetti.