In Liberty Media told the teams about the new rules

In Liberty Media told the teams about the new rules

March 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At a meeting in the London office of Liberty Media, the owners of commercial rights and representatives of the FIA ​​told the team leaders about the proposals for the regulations in the 2021 season.

According to the rules, all amendments must be written down in the rules within a year and a half, which means that the biggest changes in recent years will be approved by June 30 – and today the next step has been taken in this direction.

Two key meetings took place in London – the strategic group, which proposes amendments to the regulations, and the Formula 1 Commission, which approves them and submits them for approval by the FIA ​​World Council.

“The day began with a meeting of the strategic group, followed by a meeting of the Formula 1 Commission, which brought together all interested parties of the sport to see how the vision changed almost a year after the presentation of plans for the future, presented by the FIA ​​and the teams a year ago in Bahrain”, – reports the official site.

The strategic group includes representatives of only six key teams – Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Renault, but this time the rest were allowed to be present as observers when discussing the allocation of prize money and budget constraints.

According to the Racefans, both meetings were held in a positive way. The participants of the championship heard the ideas of Liberty Media on key issues – sports and technical regulations, the distribution of prize money and the limitation of the teams’ budget.

No voting was held on this day. Participants agreed not to disclose details. There are still several meetings ahead of which the rules will be finalized.