In Japan, tuning for Daihatsu Taft was released for the style of the 80s and Defender

In Japan, tuning for Daihatsu Taft was released for the style of the 80s and Defender

April 30, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese tuning studio DAMD has opened the sale of two extraordinary styling kits for the Daihatsu Taft kei car. One of them gives the car the style of the 80s, with the help of the second, the model tries to become similar to the Land Rover Defender. The names of these modifications are corresponding: Taft 80’s and Taft Little D.

Taft 80’s was created for those who often recall the 80s. Decals designed in the spirit of that era appeared on the sides, and the color is quite consistent with the chosen time (although in addition to the main one, 8 more body shades are offered). Includes original front bumper and grille. Also, the owner can change the seat upholstery at will: the checkered print creates a vibe of the 80s.

The name Little D is short for Little Defender. The similarity with the past generation of the legendary British SUV, which has gone down in history, is given by a strict front grill with straight corners and simple sipes. The sides are decorated with stickers in the form of the flag of Great Britain.

To enhance the look, an additional roof rack has been installed with wooden elements, but this is not included in the package.

For any of the upgrade options, you will have to pay 173,800 yen, while separately fork out for painting the bumper in body color. A set of decals will cost 52,800 yen for the Taft 80’s and 30,800 yen for the Taft Little D.

Recall that Taft is a hybrid of a kei-car and a crossover. The dimensions of the car will be 3395 x 1475 x 1630 mm. The body shapes are minimalistic. It has been on sale in Japan since April 2020. The Taft is powered by a 0.66-liter engine that develops 52 or 64 hp. depending on the version. Front or full drive.