In Japan, car manufacturers will be required to install automatic braking systems

In Japan, car manufacturers will be required to install automatic braking systems

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The relevant law is being prepared by local authorities. Such systems will become mandatory for all new cars produced since November 2021.

The authorities of Japan have been going since November 2021 to oblige Japanese car companies to install automatic braking systems on all new cars that will go off the assembly lines of plants after this date. This was written by the Asahi newspaper. According to media reports, in January 2020, the new requirements will be adopted in accordance with international rules. It is noted that vehicles that went on sale before November 2021 and are in demand will fall under the influence of new standards from the end of 2025. During this time, brands will need to modernize the production process. For import cars, these requirements do not apply.

 The automatic braking systems that will be put on Japanese cars must meet three main requirements.

So, these systems should help the driver to avoid a collision with a car stopped in front at a speed of up to 40 km / h, or automatically reduce the speed from 60 to 20 km / h, if the vehicle ahead braked sharply, and then continued on its way. Also, the system, if necessary, will be able to stop the car at a speed of 30 km / h before a pedestrian suddenly appeared on the road.

 Japanese authorities are confident that the innovation will help reduce the number of road crashes involving older people. Age prevents these road users from responding quickly to the situation on the road. In 2018, 3.5 thousand people died in road crashes in Japan. Over half of the culprits of the accident are elderly people over 65.