In Japan appeared public transport without a driver

In Japan appeared public transport without a driver

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The next month the bus will run in test mode

Sotetsu Bus launched the country’s first unmanned shuttle bus in Japan. Until October 14, it will run in test mode, and anyone can ride it for free.

So far, the bus route is rather modest – its length is only 900 meters, and the maximum speed is limited at around 20 kilometers per hour. According to the company’s plan, he must make 16 trips a day from 10 am to 4 pm, when there are not so many cars on the roads as during rush hour.

The test period will last the entire next month, until October 14. At this time, for insurance, an employee of the company will sit in the driver’s cab, who will take control in his own hands if there is a risk of a security breach.

According to the results of the test, the company’s management wants to develop an already road consignment of unmanned buses with an autonomy of the fourth and last but one level, which does not require constant attention from the driver and is capable of independently driving a vehicle. These buses will run on full-fledged routes along with regular public transport.

In addition to the unmanned bus, Japan is still working on autonomous vehicles for the Olympics, which will be held next year. Toyota, for example, intends to build a whole line of fourth-level drones. The main car without a driver will be the Concept-i show car, which can be controlled by voice – it is expected that he will take part in the opening ceremony of the Games and in the transmission of the Olympic flame.