In January, the premiere of the series about Formula 2

In January, the premiere of the series about Formula 2

December 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In 2020, the premiere of the documentary series “F2: Following the Dream” will take place, in which the story of the last season of this youth series, which has developed very dramatically, will go. The series will be shown on the digital platform F1 TV.

Judging by the first trailer, it promises to be interesting, because each series includes not only the best moments of the races and shots taken behind the scenes of sporting events in the teams’ boxes and paddock, but also tells about the life of Formula 2 racers outside the track.

Behind the scenes in the first parts of the series are the voices of the British television journalist Alex Jakes, commenting on the stages of F2 and F3, as well as Jack Aitken, the racer of the Campos Racing team and the test pilot Renault.

One of the central episodes will be the tragic incident that occurred in the Spa, and the events that followed. Then, in August 2019, a terrible accident claimed the life of Arden racer Antoine Hubert, and the pilot of the Sauber Junior Team Juan Manuel Correa was seriously injured. But a week after the tragedy, Formula 2 racers again went to start in Monza.

“The shock has not passed yet, they still felt mournful experiences and continued to discuss what happened, but when it was necessary to go to the start, as soon as the visors on the helmets were closed, everyone again became racers,” commented Bruno Michelle, head of the series.

The premiere of five episodes of the series will take place shortly after the New Year, and subscribers of F1 TV will be able to watch the first series on January 2.