In Hyundai decided to transform sedans

In Hyundai decided to transform sedans

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This type of body is gradually losing popularity, but the South Korean manufacturer is not going to give up sedans.

The company Hyundai, represented by Thomas Shemer, vice president and head of brand development, has revealed the company to Jalopnik. A top manager noted that the manufacturer is not going to refuse to release sedans, but to adapt them to the requirements of buyers.

Rejection of the once most popular form of car and a complete transition to crossovers is a mistake. Position Hyundai – the differentiation of this type of body. If the appearance becomes different, then the perception of sedans will change: “changes are invincible” – expressed the main idea of ​​Shemer.

The top manager believes that it is necessary to develop cars of this type, which by design and structural features will be completely different from what is on the modern market. At the same time, the changes should also apply to the cabin, not only in terms of the interior, but also in the sense of rational use of the internal space .. Last year, in confirmation of the words of Shemer, the company demonstrated the Sonata sedan in America, which looked quite impressive. Nevertheless, the development of crossovers were not abandoned at all: there were updated versions of Santa Fe, Kona, Tucson. Just in Hyundai are not going to “put all the eggs in one basket.”

As proof of the diversity of Hyundai plans, you can read about the new SUV i20, undergoing tests.