In Hungary, too, are ready to hold two races in a row

In Hungary, too, are ready to hold two races in a row

May 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the initial version of the calendar for the 2020 season, the Hungarian Grand Prix was scheduled for August 2. The head of the Hungaroring, Zsolt Gyulai, said that at the moment there are no obstacles to the stage in these terms, but most likely the race will be held without spectators.

“We are in daily contact with the leadership of Formula 1,” says Gyulai. – They know that we are open to any options. We are working to ensure that the race takes place, but under what conditions it will take place – this is already beyond our control. It all depends on the development of the situation in Hungary. We are fortunate that Austria is our neighbors. They are one to two weeks ahead of us, so we can use their experience in planning our own actions.

We are waiting for the quarantine measures to be relaxed, but it is not yet clear when the country will return to normal. We are ready to hold the race even without spectators, but it all depends on the requirements of the government.

If we organize a race in the empty stands, this will mean large financial losses for the promoter. When the situation with the coronavirus began to develop, we stopped selling tickets. Currently, work on the track is practically not carried out, but since we constantly maintain the race track in working condition, this will not become an obstacle to the Grand Prix in early August. “

Gyulai commented on the possibility of holding two races in Hungary in a row, as in Austria and Silverstone: “So far we have not discussed alternative dates with the leadership of Formula 1. It is too early to say whether one race or two will take place at the Hungaroring. From an organization’s point of view, two races are not a problem. From a tourist and economic point of view, it would be good if Formula 1 stayed with us longer. “