In Hockenheim are not ready to wait for the decision of Formula 1

In Hockenheim are not ready to wait for the decision of Formula 1

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Although the official announcement of the cancellation of stages in Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan in theory increases the chances of European routes accepting Formula 1 races, the owners of the Hockenheim race track made it clear that they no longer count on this.

Its leaders Jorn Teske and Jochen Nerpel said in an interview with SID that in the current situation, uncertainties cannot afford to take financial risks for the sake of Formula 1: “We can’t wait for several weeks until we are informed about the Grand Prix date. The assumption about the possibility of extending the European part of the season so far is based only on speculation. ”

This probably increases the likelihood that some of the stages of the championship can take place in Mugello, Imola or at the Portuguese circuit Algarve International Circuit in Portimao.

In any case, races on European tracks will be held in empty stands, and even if Formula 1 still succeeds at the last moment to agree on a stage in Hockenheim, German fans will still not be able to support Sebastian Vettel. In order to ensure the necessary level of safety, a special regime will be introduced at all racetracks, starting from the Austrian Red Bull Ring, where the World Cup will be held, involving numerous checks and various restrictions.

On June 10, the FIA ​​press service released a 74-page document detailing how to conduct motorsport competitions during a pandemic, and how to ensure the necessary safety for participants.