In Germany, the court banned the advertising of the Tesla autopilot

In Germany, the court banned the advertising of the Tesla autopilot

July 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A Munich court concluded that Tesla had misled consumers about the capabilities of its automated driving systems.

The Center for Defense Against Unfair Competition, a German non-profit organization funded by companies and industry groups, recently filed a lawsuit against the electric vehicle manufacturer. The lawsuit claimed that Tesla had promised German customers more than what its autopilot feature could actually deliver.

The nonprofit noted that Tesla’s website said that “automatic driving on city streets … will appear later this year,” despite the message actually appearing on the website since 2019 and the feature has yet to be released.

In a ruling, a Munich court banned Tesla Germany from including the expressions “full autonomous driving potential” and “autopilot inclusive” in its advertising materials, including on its website.

The press release said that the Munich I Regional Court today ruled that various advertising statements by Tesla regarding vehicle assistance functions are prohibited.

In response to this decision, Elon Musk expressed his disappointment on Twitter, writing: “Tesla Autopilot was literally named after a term used in aviation. What about the Autobahn ?? ”.

Tesla has the option to challenge the court’s decision, but it’s unclear if it plans to do so.

“In Germany, there is still no legal basis for autonomous driving in the city center,” attorney Andreas Ottfülling said recently, “and other functions are not yet working as advertised.”