In Germany, showed the new generation Volkswagen Caddy

In Germany, showed the new generation Volkswagen Caddy

February 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen Corporation in Dusseldorf, Germany, showed off the new Caddy. This model was updated for the first time in 16 years.

In appearance, some of the elements of the car of the previous generation, such as stampings on the hood, have been preserved. But textured lines are now striving along the sides to the headlights, the rear roof area is gradually descending to the stern, and the lights are wrapped with vertical boomerangs.

In the cabin, it is worth noting the presence of a new front panel of an interesting form, which integrated the “digital cockpit”, which has a large screen and touch buttons for controlling the air conditioning system. Now Caddy equipped and fully digital dashboard”

 The latest generation of Caddy is based on the same platform as the Golf. Due to this, the wheelbase has become longer, and the internal space has increased. For example, the body volume of a simple cargo Caddy is now equal to 3.3 cubic meters.

 As for the technical equipment of the news, from the beginning of sales in Europe it will be offered with 2-liter diesel engines with a capacity of 75 to 122 hp, and a gasoline and a half liter turbo engine with a return of 116 hp. The transmission will feature a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-band “robot” DSG. For variations with the most efficient diesel engine and gasoline power unit, they will offer, in particular, four-wheel drive. In the future, it is expected the release of “heels”, which will receive gas engines, as well as a rechargeable hybrid.

The new Caddy was equipped with a large number of auxiliary electronic assistants, including the Travel Assist system, a maneuvering assistant with a trailer and much more.

In Europe, sales of the new Caddy will start very soon.