In Germany and France, a new electric car is available almost free of charge

In Germany and France, a new electric car is available almost free of charge

July 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Residents of Germany and France can buy an electric car at a very low cost.

This opportunity appeared thanks to the issuance of increased subsidies in the aforementioned states for the purchase of electric vehicles. More precisely, a similar effect is obtained when subsidies and leasing are combined.

In Germany, those who buy electric cars are now allocated 9,000 euros from the state budget, in France – 7,000 euros, BloombergNEF informs on Friday, July 17.

Due to subsidies, in certain circumstances, it is almost completely possible to cover the fees for leasing an electric car. For example, Autohaus Koenig, which is one of the largest dealer networks in Germany, offers the Renault Zoe electric car at 59 euros per month for two years. Over the 20 days that have passed since the publication of this proposal, more than 3 thousand people became interested in it.

In Germany, they said that after they introduced increased government subsidies, the volume of sales of electric cars increased 10 times. French experts predict that demand for Renault Zoe, the most popular electric car here, will double in comparison with 2019.

Carfellows offers to lease a Smart EQ electric car at a rate of 9.9 euros per month. The offer was put on hold last month after approximately 1,000 customers responded in just three days, eventually telling the company that it was unable to ship the machines at that rate.

In addition, it was recently noted that the German carmaker Volkswagen is testing charging stations for electric cars in extreme conditions. The facility is located in the US state of Arizona.