In Georgia, will begin to produce electric cars

In Georgia, will begin to produce electric cars

March 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the international document, the “green” transport of the joint venture will be supplied not only to the domestic market and to the Caucasus region, but also to Europe and Central Asia. First, the release of the Eado line is planned, then the BENNI-EV360 and CS55EV will appear.

A representative of Changan (Chana) said that the cooperation between the two large companies will bring significant benefits. Firstly, it will provide people with new jobs, and secondly, this is the status of the first electric vehicles produced in Georgia.

The plans of the Chinese company, which, by the way, this year marks 157 years since its foundation, by 2025 will completely switch to the production of electric transport. And this is quite understandable, given the growth rate of demand for this segment and environmental problems.

 Note that in the Middle Kingdom, Changan Eado EV cars are equipped with 122-horsepower engines and have a cruising range of 300 km. Their cost starts from 23 000 dollars.