In Geneva, will show the only model Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

In Geneva, will show the only model Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Dutch company RemetzCar remade the standard electric sedan for a station wagon in the sports style Shooting Brake. The model will be demonstrated on March 5th.

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake – the question is absolutely not cheap. In addition to having to buy the Model S electric car itself, so also pay a lot of money for its rework (details are not reported). However, the uniqueness and beauty of the model can create some level of market demand.

 The Dutch company RemetzCar presented a single copy. Alteration of the electric vehicle was ordered by a man named Floris de Raadt, who obviously loves electric cars and body shooting brake. Although it was originally planned that it will be single, RemetzCar announced that it will build 20 more copies for other buyers.

Judging by the photos, the alteration is done at the highest level and meets the quality standards of major manufacturers. The presence of four doors undermines its name Shooting Brake (as a rule, they are two-door), but the smooth and aggressive roofline creates an interesting design.

However, there is one nuance. RemetzCar company no longer exists, and in fact, this first instance will remain the only one.