In Frankfurt, the debut of the updated Audi A4

In Frankfurt, the debut of the updated Audi A4

September 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Audi A4 has received extensive facelift, receiving more modern design, technology and the latest infotainment system.

It was quite unusual for a successful automaker, but the present generation of the Audi A4 introduced in 2015 was not very good from the very beginning, which spoiled the brand’s reputation.

The current generation of A4 looks almost like its predecessor. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided in the middle of the life cycle of the model, but Audi decided to do than usual for restyled models. In addition to the classic changes – new “aprons”, new optics – the designers were also able to change some elements of the sedan, Kombi Avant and adventure model Allroad.

So, the model acquired air intakes in front of the hood, which is indicated in sports models, but first of all, the shoulder line was changed, which serves as a reference to the traditional Quattro brand models. In addition to optics, another major update has appeared: an infotainment system. The time when the screen was just a screen, and the operation was performed exclusively with a separate handle, has passed.

That’s why Audi replaced all the hardware and switched to a third-generation modular infotainment kit: the control button was removed from the central tunnel, where another storage compartment appeared, and a 10.1-inch touch screen was placed on the dashboard.

The easy-to-use system is borrowed from older models, but lacks a second touch screen for climate control. New online services are also growing with the new system: remote engine start via Android smartphone, digital radio, parking assistant, who thanks to information from other vehicles knows where there are available parking spaces. Or a traffic light control system that connects to a traffic control system in some cities (including Ingolstadt) and calculates the optimal speed for the “green wave”.

Also in Frankfurt, Audi introduced the new S4: a top-end model that received a six-cylinder diesel engine, as well as an electric 48-volt system. Electrical installation is necessary for the operation of the compressor with an electric drive, which will help the turbocharger and eliminate failures. The total return of the units is 347 hp and 700 Nm.

In addition, the A4 Allroad has also undergone modernization. It differs from the A4 Avant by increased ground clearance by 35 millimeters, underrun protection and wheel arch extensions, as well as larger wheels and a 12 mm gauge.

Three engines are available for Allroad – one gasoline and two diesel engines. As an alternative to the standard suspension, a system with controllable shock absorbers is offered.

Like the Avant, the A4 Allroad provides boot space from 495 to 1495 liters. The maximum trailer weight is 2000 kg.