In Formula E will have its own scuderia

In Formula E will have its own scuderia

April 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the season of 2022 in Formula E there will be a new team – Scuderia-E, owned by Italian investor Gianfranco Pizzuto.

On the eve of Pizzuto posted on a social network image of a Formula E car called Scuderia E and with the logos of potential partners. Interestingly, Pirelli is indicated as a tire partner, although Formula E uses Michelin rubber.

“I like to start something from scratch, implementing different ideas in the field of electrical engineering, and Formula E is perfect for this,” said Pizzuto in an interview with The Race.

Coming to Formula E involves the full or partial purchase of an existing team, since today’s limit of 12 teams is full. Investors or buyers are sought in Dragon and NIO333, which may become the object of absorption.