In Formula E appears “attack mode”

In Formula E appears “attack mode”

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Already next weekend, the fifth season of Formula E will start. In addition to new teams and a new generation car, which will no longer need to be changed during the course, another novelty will appear in the championship – “attack mode”, accessible to all pilots from the second round of the race.

Attack mode briefly increases the power of the motor from 200 kW to 225 kW. To activate it, the pilot will need to press a button on the steering wheel and drive through a special activation zone located outside the racing track. It will be controlled by three special sensors on the track. As soon as the maneuver is completed, the attack mode will be activated.

The location of such zones and the number of activations will be determined by the FIA ​​depending on the specific configuration of the route. Fanboost mode will remain in the races, which is received by the pilots who received the most votes before the race. Motor power in Fanboost mode will vary between 240 and 250 kW.

Viewers will be able to track the inclusion of the mode using a special color display on Halo – blue in the case of activation of the attack mode and magenta (magenta) when you turn on Fanboost.