In Formula 1, think of an experiment with a reverse start

In Formula 1, think of an experiment with a reverse start

May 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Formula 1, we consider the possibility of conducting an experiment with a reverse start order during the double stages from which the 2020 season will begin.

On Friday, a meeting was held with the participation of Liberty Media, the FIA ​​and the championship teams, at which the organizers of the championship offered to try to hold a sprint race with this starting order instead of the traditional qualification at the Red Bull Ring and at Silverstone (if permission is received from the British government). According to its results, the starting grid of the Sunday Grand Prix will be determined.

On Saturday, the cars will line up in accordance with the positions that the pilots occupy in the individual competition, but in the reverse order, i.e. representatives of Williams will take the first starting line, and Lewis Hamilton will start the sprint last. Other details are not yet clear. It is assumed that the experiment will affect only one of the races of the double stage, the second will be preceded by the usual qualification.

According to the authors of the idea, since two races will be held on the same track with a weekly interval, this will allow you to collect valuable and clear information that will help determine whether it is worth using a similar format in the future.

It is already known that the idea is supported by the FIA, but in accordance with the regulations of the championship, it can be realized only if it receives the unanimous support of all ten teams. Voting on Friday was not held, but, according to rumors, a preliminary clarification of opinions showed that only one team was opposed to the experiment. A formal vote may take place next week, while all the participants in the championship said that before that they need to think about everything in detail.

It is necessary to make a decision on the experiment quickly, because if the teams support the idea, the FIA ​​will hurry up to develop new rules, which should include all possible scenarios.

Last year, Ross Brown, the sports director of Formula 1, spoke about the possibility of conducting an experiment with a reverse starting order in races that are not included in the World Cup, but in this situation, when the start of the season had to be postponed due to a pandemic, an unexpected chance to try idea in the framework of the double stages from which the season begins.