Three stages in 2020 Formula 1 officially canceled

Three stages in 2020 Formula 1 officially canceled

June 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Changes in Schedule Formula 1 became known. We are talking about the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Japan Grand Prix and Singapore Grand Prix. They were supposed to take place at different times, and the main reason for the cancellation was the epidemic of coronavirus.

Formula 1 continues to adjust the calendar for 2020. On Friday, June 12, it became known about the abolition of three stages – in Azerbaijan, Japan and Singapore. Azerbaijan Grand Prix was to be held on June 7. The main reason for the cancellation is the reconstruction of city roads, which is scheduled for autumn. Recall that this race is noteworthy because it runs through the historical center of Baku. Many fans of royal prizes will be disappointed by this decision, since after the appearance of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan on the calendar, one of the most striking stages took place there.

A similar reason for the cancellation was called in Singapore, the stage in which was supposed to take place on September 20. But the cancellation of the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​directly related to the coronavirus epidemic – the organizers of the stage cannot give guarantees regarding the opening of borders for all participants. At the moment, a calendar of European stages has been approved, which will be held from July 5 to September 6. It has not yet been officially confirmed how the pause will be filled – probably, the organizers will decide to hold two Grand Prix at the circuit in Sochi and Italy.

The Formula 1 season starts with two races in Austria, and then the stage will be held in Hungary. Such a calendar can give fans of the series a very interesting start to the season, since in recent years the Red Bull team has traditionally been strong on these routes.

Therefore, it is possible that the dominant in recent years, Mercedes may be in the role of catching up.