In Formula 1 monitor the situation with fires in Australia

In Formula 1 monitor the situation with fires in Australia

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The leadership of Formula 1 said that they are monitoring the development of the situation with forest fires in Australia, because before the race in Melbourne, which traditionally opens the championship, there are a little more than two months left.

Since the fall of last year, it has not been possible to cope with fires, which have become truly catastrophic: in the south of the continent forests burn in an area exceeding a country like Denmark in area. At the expense of human casualties already goes by the tens, and the damage done to the flora and fauna of Australia is simply impossible to calculate.

Air quality in Sydney and Melbourne is already at an alarmingly low level, which could be harmful to human health.

In Formula 1 maintain constant contact with the organizers of the Grand prix of Australia; in addition, the entire racing community, the championship teams, together with the stage promoter in Melbourne Albert Park, are planning to carry out a charity event in support of the victims of this natural disaster. But the details of this project are still in the process of coordination.

Alas, we have to admit that forest fires in Australia are one of the effects of climate change and global warming. Modern Formula 1 declares a course towards the preservation of the environment, for which a special program has been developed designed for ten years in advance, however, as the author of the text on the BBC Sport writes, holding the Grand Prix in Melbourne against the backdrop of the current disastrous environmental situation can damage the image of the championship.