In Finland, presented the pedal electric car

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Scouter LMV is a lightweight car that moves with pedal power and a battery. The driver and the navigator are too tight on the pedals, writes

The maximum speed of the “Scooter” reaches 25 km per hour.

How to call this vehicle?

“This is a completely new class of cars, which is why we call it“ scooter ”, says Petri Pitkänen, executive director of Rideascout.

According to Pitkänen, the “scooter” came into being as a response to the challenges of climate change and urbanization. The pedal electric car will be able to replace ordinary cars in the future.

– 70% of Finns travel only for short distances, a maximum of 10 km.

Replacing a city bike?

Scouter vehicles are also sold to individuals, but, above all, this is a welcome acquisition for cities and tourist centers that want to give their customers the opportunity to travel around the neighborhood.

The first contract Rideascout concluded with the city of Tampere. Also in some tourist centers are interested in innovation, in particular, in Ellivuori, Messilia and Korkeasaari Zoo. In addition to Finland, the company also wants to expand in Europe.

In the cities of Southern Europe, electric mopeds can be seen on the streets along with city bikes. Perhaps the turn of pedal electric cars will come soon?

One problem may be the size of the car. The length of the “Scouter” is two and a half meters, the width is one meter. Too small to be considered a full-fledged car, but too big for parking on the sidewalk.

T-Ford similarity

Specialists from the Uusikaupunki automobile plant participated in the development of Scouter, along with Rideascout. Omuus is responsible for the design.

The Scouter is vaguely reminiscent of the Ford T model or Studebakers from the early 20th century. Similar designs can also be seen in science fiction films.

The car body is made of fabric. As a result, the Scouter weighs only about one hundred kilograms.

You can ride on the new product without any age restrictions.

“Anyone can ride a Scouter because they consider it a bicycle,” Pitkänen notes.

Also driver’s license is not required.

It makes you wonder. What if in the future you can see ten-year-olds driving this electric car?

“Scouter” will cost 7,500 euros, in addition, VAT must be added to this amount.

The price is relatively high, however, according to Pitkänen, if the production volume increases, the pedal car will be cheaper.