In February, the German car market fell 11%

In February, the German car market fell 11%

March 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to KBA analysts, last month at the largest European car market, only 239,943 cars were sold, which is 11% less than in February 2019.

The German Road Transport Authority notes that car sales to private individuals fell immediately by 16%, while sales to business customers fell by only 7.8%. Moreover, sales of Tesla electric vehicles showed a negative trend – the Germans purchased 37% less American cars than a year earlier. The electric car maker is gaining momentum in after the launch of Model 3 last year.

Among other brands that experienced a strong decline in sales in Germany, Smart can be noted – 81% against the news that the brand has become only electric. Also worth mentioning are Honda (-39%), Dacia (-37%), Opel (-21%), Audi (-20%) and Ford (-19%).

The most popular brand in Germany, Volkswagen, has reduced its sales by 11%. Mercedes-Benz registrations fell 3.3%, while BMW sales fell 1.2%.

Among the brands whose sales went uphill, Lexus (+ 71%), Volvo (+ 25%), Seat (+ 23%), as well as Porsche (+ 19%) were noted.

Despite Tesla’s declining sales, sales of electrified cars continued to grow, driven by European automakers, adding more plug-in hybrid cars to help meet EU emission reduction goals. So, in the electric car segment, sales grew by 76% to 8.154. Sales of hybrid models increased by 98% to 30 thousand units, including by 279% – up to 8 354 cars with plug-in power plants.