In F-1 they want to replace fines with alternative punishments

In F-1 they want to replace fines with alternative punishments

December 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The owners of Formula 1 do not bypass the opinions of fans and regularly conduct surveys among them before making any decision.

Motorsport-Total reports that the latest survey on the system of fines on the starting field caused predictable dissatisfaction among fans. There are several alternative solutions to which they can vote for.

These include: reducing the number of sets of tires on the weekend, or reducing the time on the track during the free races. If a penalty is awarded towards the end of the weekend, it is transferred to the next stage; reduction of time for a team working in a wind tunnel; Stop & Go penalty that a racer can leave at any time during the race.

Also offered: the installation of additional weight ballast on the car in the qualification; reduced fuel / power consumption; prohibition of the use of DRS in qualification; Deprivation of points or a pilot or crew, depending on whose fault the fine was received.

 Voting is held on the official Formula 1 website, where everyone can vote after the appropriate registration.

Meanwhile, the head of the Mercedes team Toto Wolf is confident in Hamilton’s partner, Bottas, who has been through the past season hard.