In F-1 approved the decision to award points for the best lap

In F-1 approved the decision to award points for the best lap

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last Thursday, the FIA ​​World Council Autosport considered the proposal for the award for the fastest lap, and after unanimous approval, it will be included in the regulations this season.

We already wrote earlier that the proposal to charge a point for the best lap had to please not only the motorsport ranks, but also the majority of Formula 1 fans. At the moment, the initiative was supported by the Strategic and Sports Working Group, so that the matter remained with Commission F-1, which can already be considered a mere formality.

This practice of scoring is applied in Formula E and will likewise be implemented in the Royal Race. So, the pilot will receive an award for the best time, shown during the season, if he finishes in the top ten.

 This approach eliminates the cases when a driver who does not pretend to a fast time calls in to a pit stop to change into fresh tires and improve their results on them.

 The bonus point practice has been applied since 1950 over the next nine years. And in 1958, she decided the outcome of the rivalry between Mike Horton and Stirling Moss, when the first beat the second by one point.

The FIA ​​World Council at the meeting also decided to change the WEC, in which they plan to put on the road also road hypercars.