In Europe, teams will take tests every two days

In Europe, teams will take tests every two days

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the air of Sky Sport, Formula 1 sports director Ross Brown spoke about safety measures at the European stages …

Ross Brown: “We are working very closely with the FIA ​​on this. The Federation has done a great job creating a system that will allow us to conduct races in an epidemic.

All competitors will be tested and receive a special certificate, and then every two days they will undergo tests for coronavirus in the paddock – in an organized and centralized manner.

We will use such a system at all European Grand Prix. We can guarantee that all competitors have a negative test and are regularly tested.

We will not be able to ensure compliance with the mandatory distance of one and a half meters for employees within teams, but we will create an environment in which each part of each team will be self-insulated. Employees of the teams will not intersect with each other, each of them has a separate hotel. There will be no motorhomes at the European stages this year. ”