In Europe, electric cars “obliged” to make sounds

In Europe, electric cars “obliged” to make sounds

June 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Since July 1, the EU introduces a law by which electric vehicles must “sound” when driving.

From July 1 of this year, the European Union introduces a law, according to which electric vehicles will be “obliged” to make sounds as they move. The measure is taken to ensure that cyclists and pedestrians feel safe. When traveling at a speed of less than 20 km / h, the electric vehicle is practically silent, since it does not have an internal combustion engine under the hood.

According to the English association that provides assistance to the visually impaired and blind people in the UK (the organization provides guide dogs and facilitates rehabilitation), pedestrians are 40% more likely to become victims of electric cars when compared to conventional cars.

Now, electric cars sold in Europe will be installed with sound systems notifying the approach of technology. The nature of the noise will vary depending on the speed of movement. The higher it is – the stronger the signal.

It is assumed that its volume will be within 56 decibels. And it is not at all necessary to imitate the noise of an internal combustion engine: some automakers are going to put warning signals on their cars that resemble the sounds of a spacecraft.