In Europe, began to resume the production of machines

In Europe, began to resume the production of machines

April 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The largest automakers began to slowly resume production of cars at their own enterprises in Europe after almost 2 months of downtime, which caused the coronavirus. Such information on Monday, April 27, shared the agency Automotive News.

So, Volkswagen Corporation has again launched production at its own main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Initially, the enterprise will operate only at 10 – 15% of its capacity, but already next week the site should reach 40% of the pre-crisis level.

This week, the German brand intends to collect 1,400 units of the Golf model of the eighth generation, with approximately 6 thousand cars to be released after 14 days.

 In addition, very soon Volkswagen will again start production at car factories in Spain, Portugal, and from May, sites in South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico will begin to function.

 From April 27, BMW Corporation began to produce power units, and Daimler has already begun preparing its own Mercedes-Benz enterprises in Bremen and Sindelfingen for the early start of production. German concerns announced their confidence in authorities promising to monitor the situation with coronavirus infection and quickly identify carriers of COVID-19.

 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) restarts production of commercial vehicles at automobile factories in Italy, and Toyota begins to assemble cars in the French Valenciennes. Finally, on Tuesday, April 28, Renault will reopen the facility in Fleur-sur-Seine, where Renault Zoe and Nissan Micra are being assembled.