A vintage electric car on three wheels created in Estonia

A vintage electric car on three wheels created in Estonia

June 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A small firm Nobe from Estonia with the help of crowdfunding began to raise funds for running into a series of three-wheeled electric vehicle. The first “live” car is planned to be prepared by October this year, to put it on the motor show in Paris.

Now the company includes thirteen employees, most of whom are graduates of the University of Tallinn. Among them – co-founder of the company Meelis Merilo, who previously headed the firm ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles). She managed to remember the projects of an electric car based on the gas “Victory”, a two-seater ZEV 7 in the spirit of a sports car Lotus Seven and a tiny three-wheeled car ZEV ELVE (assembled in the body of a Chinese minicar reminiscent of Smart).

While the Nobe 100 exists only in the form of renders and a full-size layout, cut out on a machine with a software control. The founder of the company Roman Mulyar says that he originally wanted to create a stylish electric car that would attract attention as a Volkswagen Beetle. And even compares his project with the German Messerschmitt fifties. But the final result is more like an Italian car of the 1950s.

For the retro spirit in the company meets the Englishman Jim Stokes, who owns the company to restore the Italian oldtimer. The firm Jim Stokes Workshops is engaged in comprehensive restoration and even produces copies of blocks, cylinder heads and other components for many models of Alfa Romeo and Lancia.

The traction battery should be in the center of the car, on the floor. The car is all-wheel drive. It is driven by motor wheels. But the technical characteristics of the electric vehicle are not specified yet.

Now Mulyar collects funds for the production of an electric vehicle using croweding on the platform Funded by Me. The minimum contribution to the crowdsfunding campaign is ten thousand Swedish kronor, or 975 euros.

For 50,000 kroons (4,900 euros) you can order a car from the first batch of one hundred copies. For a hundred thousand crowns (9,800 euros) or more, the car will come from the top ten. Information about when exactly mass production can begin is not yet available.

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