In England, joking over Williams and Prince Philip

In England, joking over Williams and Prince Philip

January 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the end of the week, Britain, yes, and perhaps the whole world, was impressed by the news that the 97-year-old Prince Edinburgh Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, got into a car accident, unable to control his Range Rover.

The SUV overturned, but His Highness, fortunately, was not injured, and this story caused a very lively reaction in British society. Funny journalists of the Suffolk Gazette have even published a funny joke, combining two themes: last year’s failure of Williams on the Formula 1 tracks and the accident of Prince Philip on the A149 highway in Norfolk County.

The text deserves to bring it all.

“The Williams team completed the formation of the new season, surprising everyone with their choice, which fell on Prince Philip: he will sit behind the wheel of one of her cars.

His Royal Highness is called “beautiful and fearless” racer, and in March at the Australian Grand Prix he will make his debut in Formula 1.

A source close to Claire Williams, deputy head of the team, said: “During the winter break, Phil was actively involved in the Norfolk tests. He showed impressive results while making only a couple of small mistakes.

Since he is married to the Queen of Great Britain, we expect that this will increase the interest of the press in our team, and also hope to attract new sponsors. ”

According to insiders, the company Range Rover could be a potential commercial partner of the team, but the Norfolk police are also interested. However, critics believe that the 97-year-old Prince Philip is still a novice and may be dangerous for other riders.

“Not at all,” explained the representative of the team. – It is well known that, in accordance with the royal protocol, you should always be two steps behind the Prince of Edinburgh. We just can not wait to see the sad expression on the face of Lewis Hamilton. The only thing that worries us is that His Royal Highness might lose his orientation on the highway and get off the road. ”