Factory that build a fake Ferrari and Lamborghini found in Brazil

Factory that build a fake Ferrari and Lamborghini found in Brazil

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the Brazilian city of Itajai, police found a replica factory producing Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Luxury sports cars were sold throughout the country for eight percent of the value of the real model. The order for products could be left through social networks, reports ND +.

The owners of the company were father and son, their names are not called. While they are released on recognizance, and the factory is closed by the police. At the time of detention at the enterprise, law enforcement officers found eight ready-made supercars, as well as components. All of them confiscated by the police. Prices for cars started from 180 thousand dollars.

In turn, representatives of Ferrari and Lamborghini have already written a statement to the police about the illegal copying of Italian cars. However, most likely, Brazilian businessmen will face only a large fine.

Copying the exteriors of popular foreign cars is common in China. So, the company Landwind produces a compact crossover, which is a clone of the Range Rover Evoque. In turn, the company Changan has released a new model called the X70A, which is a copy of the fourth generation Land Rover Discovery SUV. In addition, the brand Zotye is going to release an exact copy of the coupe-shaped SUV company Mazda – CX-4.