In BMW M believe that the front-wheel drive is no longer needed by anyone

In BMW M believe that the front-wheel drive is no longer needed by anyone

July 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

BMW has long been building cars on the front-wheel drive architecture of the BMW FAAR. However, the sport division BMW M sport says that this architecture has more minuses than pluses. However, front-wheel drive cars can get performance versions from M Performance.

As part of his recent interview with journalists from the edition of CarAdvice, Frank Van Meel, who is the current general manager of the sports division of the Bavarian automaker, noted that the front-wheel drive architecture of the BMW FAAR does not correspond to the philosophy of the high-performance BMW M.

“The front-wheel drive architecture of all BMW production vehicles is one of our biggest problems,” – said Mr. Van Meel. “We believe that to truly reveal all the advantages of a high-performance version of a car from the BMW M can only be on the rear-wheel drive architecture.” These comments, the general director of the sports division gave during an event dedicated to the launch of sales of charged M2 and M5 in the Competition version in Spain .

However, Van Meel noted that the BMW M unit will not completely ignore cars with front-wheel drive layout. Over the past few years, a small M Performance series has been released, the cars of which are entry-level offerings from the legendary BMW M.

Right now, fans of high-performance cars from BMW M need not worry that the Bavarian automaker will change its current strategy. Even though the existing front-drive architecture of the BMW FAAR is difficult to fill with all those chips for which the whole world loves BMW cars with the cherished nameplate M. In the end, no one prevents BMW’s engineers from making hardcore versions of front-drive models, adding to their design a powerful an electric motor, which in turn will drive the rear axle, so the car will receive a full drive. Again, the new generation of the charged BMW M5 switched from a rear-wheel drive to a full one, which naturally went to its advantage.

Recently it became known that the BMW M2 Competition received an official price tag.