In Barcelona, ​​will soon begin negotiations on a new contract

In Barcelona, ​​will soon begin negotiations on a new contract

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In May, the Spanish Grand Prix will be held 28 times in a row on the Catalunya circuit, but this race will be the last under the current contract with the FOM. Autodrome president Vincente Aguilera said that negotiations on a new contract will begin in the near future.

Vicente Aguilera: “I negotiated with Bernie Ecclestone from 2012 to 2015. Three years! They were difficult, but in the end we found a solution, without which in Barcelona now there would be no race. Now the negotiations will be much faster. They have not yet begun, but should start in the near future. While we are only talking, and I am optimistic.

We want to extend the contract. Our shareholders have put forward a number of conditions, but they also strive to conclude a new contract. We need to figure out how to increase our income and reduce costs. In 2018, we lost as much as in 2017, and we do not need this to continue.

Deadline? We cannot delay negotiations until the end of the year, because the FIA ​​needs to publish a calendar. It would be logical to do everything by the end of the summer, and the maximum – in September.

Next May after the Grand Prix of Spain will be held municipal elections. They will have a strategic impact – we need to know how the city council treats motor racing and whether it believes that the race has a positive effect on Barcelona.

We have a three-year agreement with the city council on the allocation of 7 million euros to finance the stage, and it will expire after the municipal elections. I am optimistic, but we must wait for the results. It is difficult to imagine such a scenario in which we have already extended the agreement, and the municipal government has not yet been formed. ”

The director of the autodrome Juan Fontsere added that in Spain they do not want competition from France, because the stage in Paul-Ricard takes part of the audience from the Barcelona race.

Juan Fontseret: “There are several factors. We discuss the economic conditions, commercial conditions, the term of the contract, as well as the exclusivity of the race in this territory. We offered to move the French Grand Prix at the end of the summer or autumn. Now between these two races less than two months, and the tracks are less than 400 km from each other.

But I am sure that we will agree with Liberty Media to keep the race in Barcelona. I have been negotiating with Bernie Ecclestone for three years, so the current negotiations are not the most difficult. But if everything was so simple, everything would have already been done. The interests of Liberty Media and the owners of the route coincide to a greater extent than three years ago when we communicated with Bernie Ecclestone. ”