In Barcelona, ​​preparing for the start of tests

In Barcelona, ​​preparing for the start of tests

February 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Barcelona, ​​preparations for the start of tests are being completed, to which a little more than a week is left, and the first trailers with the equipment of the teams are already starting to arrive at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Total Formula 1 teams will work on the Catalan ring eight test days, divided into two sessions – from February 18th to 21st, then there will be a four-day break, after which February 26th work will resume and continue until March 1st inclusive.

According to the tradition, free access to all holders of tickets for the Spanish Grand Prix of 2019 is open to the tests, while others can watch the progress of the races from the stands of the circuit for 18 euros per day. But if you want more and get on a tour of the circuit, you have to pay 50 euros. The same is the ticket, which gives the right to ride on the local kartodromu and walk through the pit lane.

If you want to look into the paddock, to inquire about what is being done there on test days, then such pleasure will cost you 99 euros. And visitors who are willing to pay 266 euros are offered VIP service and admission to the Montjuic Club.

The club is located above the boxing teams, from there a beautiful view of the pit lane, start-finish line and paddock. Those who can afford to spend such a sum are offered a tour of the paddock and pit lane, access to the best places of the main tribune and, of course, meals. Probably, there are enough people willing, since the official warning is posted on the site of the race track: no more than five tickets per person.