In Austria refueling of electric cars was entrusted to robots

In Austria refueling of electric cars was entrusted to robots

August 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

“Smart” system will do for the owner of the electric car all work, reducing the standard filling time.

While in the center of the Russian capital special parking spaces for electric cars are equipped, Austrian engineers who care for the owners of “green” cars are no less, presented their new invention to the world community. The Austrians came up with a unique robot that was “trained” to charge “green” cars. With its work, the smart machine does the job as well as the professional refueling machine. The robot is programmed in such a way that it can easily identify the model type and, as a consequence, select the correct cable.

A whole team of specialists worked on the creation of the refueling robot. The contribution to the development of revolutionary technology was made by the employees of the Austrian University of Technology Graz, BMW specialists, MAGNA Steyr Engineering and KEVA, and Australian engineers.

A single charging station for electric vehicles, suitable for all brands and models, despite the rapid growth of this segment, is currently not available. The last invention of the Austrians successfully copes with the solution of this problem. Cameras help the robot to determine the model of an electric vehicle, and the rest is a matter of technology. The working days of the tanker robot have already been shot on video: the video was posted on the YouTube channel of the University of Graz. To find the right cable the robot takes only about 30 seconds – everything is documented. And after refueling, the robot also carefully closes the lid of the “tank”.

Earlier, the media reported that the German automaker Volkswagen will recall 124,000 electric cars due to environmental hazards.