In Australia, Ferrari will not have Mission logos

In Australia, Ferrari will not have Mission logos

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the Geneva Motor Show Ferrari Executive Director Luis Camilleri spoke with optimism about the form of the team and cooperation with the brand Mission Winnow, whose name had recently been removed from the name of the team.

Luis Camilleri: “From the very beginning, the car was fast, we are very pleased with the tests in Barcelona, ​​but so far we have no idea what the rivals have achieved.

The car has an excellent balance, the drivers are happy with it, we have the most ambitious goals, but we need to continue to work on improving reliability.

Mission Winnow logos in Australia? At the first stage they will not be there, we will arrange a surprise for the fans. There were difficulties with their health department, and we and Philip Morris did not have time to find a new solution, although Winnow has nothing to do with tobacco. ”