In Arizona will appear area without cars

In Arizona will appear area without cars

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A developer named Culdesac is building a 636-apartment complex in Tempe, Arizona, which he claims was the first to ban private cars in the country.

There is no parking for residents, both on the hotel territory and outside. There will still be many options for transportation, but there will be no private cars, and the developer intends to transfer this idea to other cities in the United States. If something is described as “without a car,” we are usually not interested in further reading. But we want to draw your attention to the new community in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, which is intentionally built with a mandate for “zero residential parking” and announces itself to be the first sign of an upcoming “era without a car”.

Culdesac Tempe reports that it will be the first residential community to ban cars in the United States. Not only can people not move within the boundaries of the hotel, there will also be no parking space for any of the 1000 tenants living in the community, whether on the spot or outside. The $ 140 million development will be the first for Culdesac to raise $ 10 million in venture capital funding and, in an article titled “Getting to Know Culdesac,” says it plans to build other similar developments in the United States.

As part of the development, there will be a grocery store, a place for collaboration, a cafe, as well as other premises and shops for residents. The project is located along the Valley Metro Rail light rail system, and Culdesac also says it will arrange a shuttle bus, designated shared spaces, as well as scooters and bicycles for short-distance trips. Sharing a car will allow residents to travel beyond the reach of other transit options.

In an introductory article about Culdesac, CEO Ryan Johnson writes that “cars are extremely overloaded” and use more than their share in space, resources and the environment. Urban areas are increasingly redefining the use of space and the role cars play, especially as cities become more congested and polluted due to transport.

Culdesac Tempe will be the first community in the United States, according to its founders, which will be built specifically as an area without cars. The absolute lack of parking required a special exception from the city of Tempe. As a rule, for new developments there are parking requirements, therefore they do not contribute to the lack of parking in cities. However, it remains to be seen who will live there. For all the trends written that millennials don’t buy cars, they do it at the same speed as the generation before them. Auto news predicted in 2017 that by the end of the decade, millennials are expected to represent 40 percent of the US new car market.

The Culdesac Tempe is built according to a pattern that excludes cars, but the surrounding areas were created for cars, or at least based on the assumption that the cars were what they were surrounded by people. This, combined with the heat – four months a year in Tempe have an average temperature of 100 degrees and above – can complicate the journey beyond development. Construction began this month and is scheduled to open in the fall of next year. So what? Culdesac CEO Johnson writes: “Hello to all cities such as Denver, Dallas and Raleigh-Durham: we look at you further.”