In Arizona, aggressively responded to the appearance of UAVs Waymo

In Arizona, aggressively responded to the appearance of UAVs Waymo

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

During the two years of robotic testing on the streets of the state, insurers had to go through a lot, including the attack of a city dweller with a gun.

In the modern world, the technological process is striding by leaps and bounds, but apparently not all people like it. In the city of Chandler, the police recorded 21 cases of residents attacking an autonomous taxi, and these were the most aggressive cases. It is not known how many less dangerous cases occurred during the entire test period.

One day, the driver of a robotaxi was exposed to a real threat to life when, when he was already driving, he noticed an elderly man aiming at him with a gun. The blessing of the incident did not continue and everyone remained alive, and the pensioner was suffering from dementia.

Another equally dangerous event occurred with a jeep, which for some time clipped and chased the Waymo car, forcing to get off the road or slow down sharply. The driver of the drone had to take control in their hands, so as not to trouble happen. And once a furious woman jumped out of the haunting car, shouting that the robotaxi would be removed from her neighborhood.

 In other incidents, the car was cut into a tire, thrown at it with stones and interfered with the passage. The investigation revealed that many residents of the suburbs are unhappy with the appearance of autonomous vehicles on their streets. Experts believe that people simply have a fear of rapid automation. There is also an opinion that robotaxi is very slow, therefore they are not so much loved on the roads.