In 2020, the teams will receive another motor generator

In 2020, the teams will receive another motor generator

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The teams unanimously supported the increase in the number of races to 22 in 2020, as in Liberty Media they were guaranteed an increase in prize payments. But Renault also demanded permission to use additional elements of the power plants, and as a result, a compromise was reached on the days of the Hungarian weekend.

Ideally, Renault, as well as Honda, wanted the number of power plants allocated to the rider for the season to be increased to four, but this was rejected, since each team would require additional costs of $ 3 million.

As a result, we agreed on less costly measures: for the two final races of the next season, the teams will receive the seventh MGU-H motor generator, which the two riders will use alternately. According to Auto Motor und Sport, at the penultimate stage he will receive one who occupies a higher position in the individual competition, and in the season finale – his partner.

In addition, other sources also talk about the fact that the number of MGU-Ks that each rider has at their disposal will be increased to three.

In any case, agreements have already been reached that in 2021 the number of elements of power plants will be increased. Moreover, it cannot be ruled out that in a year two more stages will appear on the calendar: the FOM already considers applications from South Africa and Malaysia. In addition, in 2022, the Saudi Grand Prix may debut.

“If in 2021 we have to hold 24 or 25 races, we need a third team that will work with cars. We will not be able to cope with the two, ”commented Beat Zehnder, manager of Alfa Romeo.