In 2020, riders will receive an additional MGU-K

In 2020, riders will receive an additional MGU-K

December 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next year, the Formula 1 calendar will be a record in duration and will consist of twenty-two stages. In this regard, the team in the summer insisted that the FIA ​​increase the number of power plant elements that can be changed during the season without penalties.

The initial idea was that in 2020, for the two final stages of the season, the teams will receive an additional MGU-H motor generator, which the two riders will use alternately. In addition, it was supposed to increase to three the number of MGU-K motor generators available to each rider.

On the eve of the FIA ​​World Council approved several amendments to the regulations for 2020. Among other things, it was approved the number of available power plant components that can be used without penalty. If the proposals for MGU-H did not pass, then the number of MGU-K really increased from the current two to three per season.

Thus, in 2020, each driver without penalty will be able to use three internal combustion engines, three turbines, three MGU-H motor generators, three MGU-K motor generators, two batteries and two control electronics.