In 2020, Acura will introduce a new SUV or crossover?

In 2020, Acura will introduce a new SUV or crossover?

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the chairman of the Acura National Council of Dealers, the brand needs a new crossover, which in the current model range of the company, took a step lower than the Acura RDX compact SUV.

The luxury Japanese brand Acura, which is owned by Honda, has always enjoyed a sufficient level of popularity to “stay afloat”. Sales by the premium automaker have always been good, and their recent changes and transformations taking place throughout the model range have helped open up new segments of the automotive market for the company.

 As part of his interview, John Rickards, chairman of the Acura National Dealer Council, said 2020 is the year in which the brand needs to be especially active. “We need to defeat competitors and increase sales, despite the stagnant market,” he said.

   The brand is still successful in introducing the highly updated Acura RDX crossover in 2018, since then there have been no major changes; just a few minor updates across the entire lineup.

 “The market is not growing, so everyone is trying to win each other’s sales,” Rickards said. “The new RDX laid a solid foundation, and with the advent of new MDX and TLX in 2020, if they are as successful in terms of sales as RDX, which, I think, will be, I believe that we will be able to attract new customers to our crossovers. ”

 Dealers of the Japanese automaker believe that in the current lineup of the company there is room for another SUV or crossover, which would be positioned one step below the current compact crossover RDX. “I’m sure that we really need an additional SUV or crossover in the current lineup, as the car market is increasingly shifting towards crossovers and SUVs. Recently, it’s these types of cars that are gaining enormous popularity, ”said Mr. Rickards.