In 2019, the reward for the best lap is introduced.

In 2019, the reward for the best lap is introduced.

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The proposal to charge an extra point for the best round received the support of the Strategic Group and the Formula 1 Commission – these are the results of the e-voting, which ended on Monday.

Already starting with the Australian Grand Prix, a racer who has become the author of the fastest lap will receive one reward point if he finishes in the top ten. This point will go both in the individual test and in the constructors’ championship.

Innovation will add another element to the tactical battle on the track, as riders who claim to finish in the top ten will compete for this additional reward.

On the eve of the 1000th Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1 – and they will be the race in China – this decision symbolizes a return to the old traditions of the championship, because from 1950 to 1959. for the best lap was awarded one point.

Ross Brown, the sports director of Formula 1: “Together with the FIA, we are engaged in the evaluation of ideas and solutions that can enhance the entertainment, while not violating the principles of our sport. It seems to us that the return after 60 years of the tradition of charging an extra point to a rider who has traveled the best lap is a step in that direction.

For several months we considered this decision, which became a reaction to the results of a detailed study, in which thousands of fans from around the world took part. How many times have we heard that the racers on the radio were interested in who became the author of the best circle?

Now it will not be just a question of records or prestige – there will be a specific motivation that will make the final stage of the race more interesting. Sometimes, to move forward, it is useful to recall the traditions of our sport. ”