In 2019, sales of small-sized motorcycles in Japan reached a record low

In 2019, sales of small-sized motorcycles in Japan reached a record low

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Japan, motorcycle sales continue to plummet. Figures may vary, but the overall picture remains unchanged. In 2019, the Japanese motor market noted another record low of sales. In total, 331,307 units of motor vehicles of all classes and categories were sold.

There are several factors to consider. If you look at the numbers over the past five years, sales of small-capacity motorcycles have significantly decreased. In 2015, 193,842 motorcycle units <50 cm3 were sold. In 2019, sales of motor vehicles of this category amounted to 132,086 units, i.e. approximately 60,000 units less.

At the same time, motorcycle sales above 50 cm3 fluctuated at the same level, plus or minus 20,000 units. In general, they even grew. In 2015, 178 854 motorcycles were sold, and in 2019 199 121 motorcycles with a cubic capacity above 50 cm3.

In fact, the situation is not so bad, as Japan continues to implement increasingly stringent environmental standards. In May 2019, the head of Suzuki Osamu Suzuki made a loud statement. He said that in the future motorcycles up to 100 cm3 will disappear, and the category 125-150 cm3 will become the smallest.

In Japan, the sharing of bicycles and electric scooters is rapidly developing, which are also replacing small-capacity motor vehicles from the market.