In 2019 riders use a new generation of helmets

In 2019 riders use a new generation of helmets

February 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the pre-season tests Formula 1 racers for the first time use a new generation of helmets, safer, providing a higher level of protection.

The introduction of the standard was preceded by a long work, which was conducted by the FIA ​​for more than ten years; the federation worked closely with helmet manufacturers, in particular, with companies such as Stilo and Bell, and now they manufacture products that meet the new requirements.

This standard was named FIA 8860-2018: such helmets must withstand a metal disk weighing 225 grams at a speed of 250 km / h, as well as a 10-kilogram weight hit falling from a height of 5 meters. The visor must withstand a direct hit by a charge fired from an airgun, and the helmet as a whole must be exposed to a flame at a temperature of 790 degrees.

Work on the project began after an incident that occurred at the Hungarian Grand Prix of 2009, when Felipe Massa suffered a head injury due to the fact that a spring had fallen into his helmet, which had fallen off the car ahead of him. In particular, after this, the upper line of the front opening was reduced by 10 mm to enhance the protection of the frontal area of ​​the helmet.

The new standard has already become mandatory for Formula 1, and will soon be introduced in other racing series.

Adam Baker, FIA director of safety: “It is important that we continue to strive to improve safety in all categories of motor sport. Helmets that met the previous standard also provided a high level of safety, but we decided to go to the next level by developing a helmet that will be used in top-level racing championships for many years. ”